Virtual Physical Therapy

Virtual  Physical Therapy sessions are a great way to put your mind at ease and tackle any new aches, pains or injuries that may have recently developed.  If you are an existing Physiofitness client, we can pick up right where we left off, and if you’re new, let’s get started!

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our Virtual Physical Therapy sessions. If you prefer, we would be happy to speak with you to help you fully understand the process and get you on your way to full strength and recovery.

What will I need to get started?

  • All you need is an electronic device with a working camera and microphone.
  • We will be using the HIPPA compliant Zoom software.
  • You can connect to Zoom via your laptop, desktop, phone or iPad.
  • You will be emailed a link 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment which will send you to a virtual waiting room.
  • Your PT will admit you promptly.
  • We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes early to work out any technical issues we may encounter.

What equipment will I need?

  • Exercise equipment such as a yoga mat, foam roller, lacrosse ball is suggested. If you have any weights we recommend that you have them ready and available.

  • If you do not, no problem! We will work with you to find solutions tailored to your personal needs. That’s what we do.

  • Common substitutes include bottles, tennis balls, loaded grocery bags, chair, etc. There is also plenty we can get done without any equipment at all.

  • We can also speak beforehand to discuss how to use what you have at your disposal for your particular problem.

Will I achieve the same results remotely?

  • Yes! Under the guidance of our physical therapists, you will be given the personalized advice, activity modification and therapeutic exercise recommendations to successfully treat your condition.

  • Hands-on assessment and treatment is helpful, but that’s where the talents and experience of our team comes in. We will diagnose your condition accurately and treat you effectively even in the absence of tactile information.

  • Rest assured your progress will be monitored just as closely as if you were coming to the office.