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These folks are the pros! I have been to other physical therapy groups and none come close to the skill, craft, and care of the Physiofitness physical therapists. After a total knee replacement with complications and additional surgery, they worked with me through a grueling recovery. They developed a plan and we became a team for the healing, pain relief, and strengthening of my knee. Whatever was going on on any particular day was the center of their attention and work. It was not physical therapy with a set plan, but rather a constant evaluation to see what works best with an attitude of ‘let’s make it better.’ PT is not easy, and after surgery you can definitely find yourself in the trenches, but when you are in the hands of really skilled and caring professionals you can see steady progress and make it through every challenge. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Physiofitness. They are the best.
– Lynn – Restaurant Owner

Physiofitness has a holistic approach to patient care from their mission statement upwards, and their application is thorough. What I feel you get here is respect for the journey and respect for the art. Chris Delehanty is a consummate professional who has chosen his colleagues with immense care. I think they love what they do, they do it really well, and they do it with kindness. Plus, I really don’t mind being healed by a rugby player, a soccer player, a dancer or two, a martial artist, a gymnast, and I think one might be a rock star?! It’s an incredible privilege…I’m just saying!

– Mary – Art Business Consultant

I had on and off knee pain for two decades. My company has a few physical therapists right at the office, but after they each gave me the same predictable sets of exercises, I decided to look elsewhere. Chris Delehanty looked at my gait, the way I stood, and my flexibility, and then made a completely different assessment of what the problem area was, all during my first visit. Rather than working on my leg muscles exclusively — as everyone previously recommended — he said I had problems with my hip flexibility. After three weeks of various exercises and retraining my muscle memory, I felt immediate improvement. I was able to climb stairs and hike with ease — not activities I could do previously. I also work with a few of the trainers and everyone has been incredibly professional and friendly. I recommend this place for anyone who has muscle/joint/nerve pain and anyone who wants to diagnose and work on asymmetries in their bodies.

– Jeannette – Healthcare Professional

A true Physiofitness success story…I sustained a torn meniscus in and was scheduled for surgery. Thanks to a recommendation, I started therapy with Chris Delehanty and the team of professionals at Physio. Within four weeks of hands-on expert treatment and restrengthening, my knee felt better and I cancelled the surgery. Within twelve weeks, I was able to walk painlessly through one of the worst winters in recent memory. I was wearing heels again and driving my stick-shift! To my great delight, that knee was also able to withstand a fall on black ice. There is no doubt the strength and movement I gained from my Physio treatments saved the knee from injury and facilitated a recovery that allowed me to dance at a friend’s wedding the very next night! Thanks, Physio!

– Anne – Nurse

I have been in fitness for over 20 years and have encountered some physical challenges along the way, most from plain wear and tear and a few others from trauma. I recently found myself in the most daunting struggle of my life – I severed most of my hamstring in an accident and had to undergo surgery to correct it with the obligatory physical therapy prescribed. A few weeks of post-op therapy I found myself wondering if i was ever going to be the same again. And like a gift from above Physiofitness found me. The entire team of therapists and trainers with their vast knowledge and cutting edge expertise have gotten me back to what they promised – 100%. I have learned much more from my visits to Physiofitness than in the years of education and physiological training I have received over the years. I trust them with every bone in my body! Literally and figuratively!

– Rique – Master Instructor, SoulCycle

There is a seamless transition from therapy to exercises to rejuvenation. Physiofitness has changed my body – I feel as though I’m growing younger. Chronic sports injuries that have been with me for years no longer keep me from the activities I love.
– Michael – Writer and Surfer

The therapists know their stuff and will keep working different angles until they resolve your issue. They are not cookie cutter in their approach and truly cared about my recovery.
– Wendy – Writer

The physical therapists put the needs of the patients first. Their collaborative effort is the model of excellence that should serve as an example across the industry. These are the hands you want to be in. They’re simply the best!
– Sally – Lawyer

I cannot recommend Physiofitness enough – the team is top-notch in terms of expertise, approach and attitude. Chris and Stan are amazing; their knowledge, willingness and ability to assess and address issues really is exceptional – they seem to be encyclopedias of knowledge of the body and physical therapy techniques. They are just experts at what they do, and their total client-focus during each session really sets them above other places. I have had physical therapy elsewhere before and this is such a world of difference. The therapists are in constant contact with my surgeon to share progress and assess my treatment plan. They have cutting edge tools like deep tissue laser therapy that has accelerated my healing. The staff and therapists are truly thoughtful and funny people too, and it’s just a great team.
– Julia C.

Chris is the best PT I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with therapists around the country. He helped me avoid shoulder surgery and I’ll definitely make another trip to NYC the next time I have a physical issue that needs to be worked out.
– Richard F.

I had a chronic injury from college soccer that prevented me from exercising. Went to three other PT’s before this with no results. Chris and the team at Physiofitness did an amazing job. He’s very hands on and tracks your progress each session to make sure you’re improving. I had an injury that lasted 8 years that Chris was able to fix – I’m back at the gym working out and running. Would recommend to anyone!
– Keeyan G.

Physiofitness is far and away the best physical therapy experience I’ve had. I was told for years by doctors and physical therapists that there was nothing more that could be done for my back and I would need to live with my pain. From the first visit with Chris Delehanty, I felt relief and worked with their whole team and honestly feel that it healed my back and made a huge difference in my life. The personal attention and effectiveness of the whole team is unparalleled.
– Cara W.

I can’t sing enough praises for the benefits I have received from the entire PT team at Physiofitness. It is professional, caring, friendly and dedicated. Chris Delehanty has created a healing atmosphere at this SoHo location. Going for PT means you are hurting and in pain. Working with the therapists and exercise physiologists in this very clean, wide open airy space brings encouragement and motivation towards feeling better. When I leave and walk home after a treatment I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have found this pulsating center of repair restoration to good health.

– Nate M.

Excellent PT facility with knowledgeable, skilled staff that provide customized 1:1 sessions for an hour. Stanislav (Stan) Kupchenko, DPT, PT in particular has been amazing in rehabilitating a long term shoulder injury of mine and I know many others who have also made great recoveries thanks to them. Highly recommend!