Does your golf swing need an upgrade? While there’s no single right way to swing your club, there are plenty of wrong ways.

A good stroke is all about efficiency. It uses as little energy as possible. Done incorrectly, it’s a tiring move and leads to injury. An efficient swing uses torque generated from the pelvis to wind up the torso and essentially sling shot the ball forward. Every day behaviors, such as sitting at a desk or wearing the wrong shoes, chip away at your rotational power.

Here’s where we make a difference. At Physiofitness, our certified Titleist Performance Institute therapists can help you improve your swing dynamics. You’ll be in good company: 22 out of the top 35 golf players in the world are advised by a TPI-certified professional. And it’s not just for golfers. Tennis players, softball sluggers, boxers, and any athlete who needs a dynamic rotational swing benefits.

The first step is to evaluate how you move. We’ll screen 14 specific swing segments. Much like the Functional Movement Screen, these small movements show the therapist your weaknesses. Like where you may not have full range of motion or where you may be compensating to make up for imbalances.

Then, we’ll video you. With action so fast and moves so complex, slow motion allows us to examine each moment.

After it’s analyzed, you’ll get a program to expand your mobility and build strength. You move better, you play better.

A few correctable problems we see often:

Posture: The C posture caused by hunching over a desk all day or the S posture typical of a weak core where hyperextension occurs through the spine. Both of these disrupt the swing’s wind-up.

Shoulder mobility: Stiffness through the shoulder means compensating to reach a full backswing. That leads to the game-losing slice or hook.

Hip mobility: If your hips are tight, your lower body won’t get as much rotation which will decrease both the wind up of your back swing and the follow through.

Isn’t it time to up your game? Come in to get a swing analysis for a winning spring.

Check out the video analysis in action below!

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