We’re always on the lookout for ways our clients can move better. When we discovered a new way of increasing flexibility and strength, we immediately brought it to Physiofitness.

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of KINSTRETCH classes, developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, at Physiofitness.

Based on Functional Range Conditioning© that Physiofitness trainers and therapists already employ in their one-on-one sessions, KINSTRETCH uses those same principles in a group setting.

“This isn’t a fad or gym science,” says Chris Delehanty, Physiofitness owner and physical therapist. “It’s grounded in solid research and scientific principle. We’ve seen the results: client’s mobility, joint strength and body control increase safely, effectively and more efficiently than with other methods.”

This is not simply a new way of stretching. “Most stretching and flexibility these days come from passive movement where we let gravity do most of the work,” says Chris.  “KINSTRETCH is about active, controlled movement throughout a full range of motion.”

KINSTRETCH isolates each separate joint so they independently can get to their full articular ranges. It also increases your strength in these newly developed ranges to give you more mobility and control.

Check out what some of the moves look like here.