Start your summer right with KINSTRETCH, a movement practice that develops strength, flexibility and increased ranges of motion. Born out of scientific research, KINSTETCH gives you the tools to prevent injury, increase joint health and promote physical longevity. Here are five reasons to make KINSTRETCH part of your regular exercise routine.

1. Makes you stronger (without using weights)

What makes KINSTRETCH different from your “touch your toes” stretch is the addition of strength to the flexibility aspect. You’ll learn how to build strength in your joints by using your body’s own tension. This combination of strength and flexibility adds up to increased mobility.

2. Keeps your body mobile

KINSTRETCH systematically gets to the root of any tightness, and with practice, keeps it from ever coming back. What’s even better is that it works any joint in your body –  shoulders, hips or neck.

3. Teaches you how to breath better

Like all muscles in our body, we limit the range of our diaphragm by not using its full capacity. In KINSTRETCH, you learn to use your breath to increase the body’s ability to use oxygen for energy, and also to manipulate tension in the body (and further expand your movement capacity).

4. Helps you move and age better

Good joint health allows you to age well. The use it or lose it adage is true. If you don’t use your full range of motion, it will no longer be there. KINSTRETCH keeps you moving better so you can do what you love and do it longer.

5. Prevents Injury

KINSTRETCH allows you to make self-assessments. As you practice, you’ll be able to evaluate your body and understand what’s holding you back from your true potential. This way, you’ll know when problems arise and how to guide your own training. This self-awareness prevents injuries and helps you train smarter and more efficiently.