Many clients want to continue training at Physiofitness long after their need for physical therapy ends. To answer that demand, we’ve started a personal training program. Now, you can work out with the same trainers who helped heal you. They know your strengths and weaknesses and even better, how far you’ve come. Here’s how personal training made a difference in one client’s life.  He sat down with us to share his experience.

Raul W.

48, Business Development, Ginjan Ginger Drink

An active soccer player and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Raul has been to physical therapy countless times. Each time, they’d get rid of the pain for a short time. After back spasms kept him in bed for a few days, he came to Physiofitness at the suggestion of a business associate. This time things went differently. His physical therapist stopped the pain and along with personal trainer Melanie Reyes, together built a program to increase Raul’s strength and body awareness.

What makes training at Physiofitness different?

Since Mel worked with me during my rehab, she knew how to target exactly what my body needs. When something doesn’t feel right, she teams up with the therapist and tweaks my program. No other place can really do that. Training here just makes more sense to me. I don’t put a price on health, but the rates are what you expect from any New York City gym but the difference is that you get so much more.

What have you learned while training at Physiofitness?

Working out with Mel, I realize how much I don’t know. There are advances all the time in movement science and Physiofitness keeps on top of them. It’s like school for my body. The level of knowledge here is amazing. They’re using the same protocols on my body, such as FRC® and KINSTRETCH, as NFL teams use.

What’s changed the most since starting personal training?

I’ve helped friends move apartments! This would have been impossible a year ago. Mel taught me the difference between pain and soreness. She gave me exercises to do on my own to help relieve the tightness, so it didn’t snowball into a bigger issue.  I learned a back spasm isn’t something I have to live with. I can prevent them. I feel empowered.

Are the workouts hard?

It’s life changing. Working with Mel, I continue my progress and increase my strength much faster (and with more piece of mind) than if I went back to my gym or on my own. I have more trust in Physiofitness than a gym so I work harder too. I am not guarding my back. I will do things that challenge me like Olympic Weightlifting because I have the support and knowledge of my trainer who can consult with my physical therapist. They know my body.

Were you able to get back to your routine?

I’m stronger now than my pre-injury workout routine. I’m lifting weights I didn’t imagine I could before coming to Physiofitness. I plan to start swimming and running soon too. As my mobility increases I’ll head back to the soccer field this spring.