Many clients want to continue training at Physiofitness long after their need for physical therapy ends. To answer that demand, we’ve started a personal training program. Now, you can workout with the same trainers who helped heal you. They know your strengths and weaknesses and even better, how far you’ve come. Here’s how personal training made a difference in one client’s life. She sat down with us to share her experience.

Joanie T.
35, International marketer for a cosmetic company

Joanie woke up in pain on vacation after full day of playing golf and croquet. A self-confessed boutique fitness fan, Joanie worked out regularly. In college, the svelte 125-pound rugby player earned the name “Ox.” She could bring anyone of any size down.  Now, back pain stopped her. While physical therapy ended the pain, Joanie was reluctant to return to her former workout routine. She didn’t want the problem to return. Despite a lifetime of athletics, she wasn’t sure how to move forward. She started training here at Physiofitness so her trainers could work with her physical therapist.

What’s the best thing you learned?

The trainer continued the work that my physical therapist started. They taught me how to really listen to my body. For example, I’ve learned how to modify my form in class to fit my hip flexor range and protect my back. Everyone has a range, and class instructors often don’t mention that.

Is training at Physiofitness a real workout?

Definitely. I push myself more because they’ve taken away the anxiety I had about hurting myself. I totally trust them. The trainers and therapists work together to create a plan that pushes me but keeps me safe. It also saves time. Doing the exercises right exhausts you. You don’t need a million repetitions if you do them correctly.

Were you able to get back to your routine?

I love everything about working out from the green juices and cute clothing to the classes. It’s a cultural fit for me. Physiofitness helped me learn how to play in that world without falling down the rabbit hole. Working out with the trainers showed me how to do the moves and positions correctly. We went over every aspect and I feel empowered now. I have the best of both worlds: my boutique classes and my training.

As a college athlete didn’t you already know everything about working out?

I knew how to power through something but that doesn’t work (and isn’t smart) when you’re an adult. The trainers taught me how to understand my body. I still work out hard, but it’s smart too.

What are the trainers like?

They have an impressive depth of knowledge. It’s not just weights or cardio, but an understanding of movement and mobility.

How is Physiofitness unique?

They’re very goal oriented. We reviewed and updated what I wanted to achieve and together we did it. I’m lifting kettlebell weights I never thought possible. They care about me as a person and not for only that hour we train together. I text them questions about my classes, and they guide me. They have my back – figuratively and literally.

Packages of 12 and 24 sessions, as well as single sessions, are available. To get started, click here.