Education and learning doesn’t stop with a physical therapy degree. Our physical therapists and trainers work together to learn new ways to help you recover faster. Think of us as a giant collaborative think tank on movement.

We incorporate the latest techniques and proven game-changers. A small sampling of our arsenal includes: Selective Functional Movement Assessment™, which helps us identify movement patterns that may be causing pain; Active Release Techniques®, a hands-on manual therapy technique used to work out tight and compressed tissue; and Functional Range Conditioning®, which helps expand range of motion by increasing strength and mobility.

These combinations of techniques approach problems at all angles for one solution – to get you better faster. “They should be used collectively and integrated into treatment,” says Chris Delehanty,  physical therapist and owner of Physiofitness, “using only one technique creates ‘tunnel vision.’” With a team who practice these techniques every day, we are always discovering new and effective combinations.

Our collaborative approach also helps identify the problem’s origin. That means we can solve the problem rather than treat just the symptoms. “Our education complements each other. We each have a unique perspective,” says Chris.

As part of our inclusive approach, we seek out trainers who have personal and professional knowledge of exercise science and movement. This ensures that they are an integral part of your healing. Our trainers are certified in Functional Movement Screen™ to identify how your movement patterns function and where blocks and dysfunction may arise. This helps our trainers understand how your body moves.

“Being a trainer at Physiofitness is very collaborative,” says Agata Krupa, personal trainer. “There’s a constant dialogue. We update the physical therapists on how the patients’ corrective exercises move forward – everything from form to function. This way anything that’s not completely effective can be revised.”

Often physical therapists will tap the extensive knowledge of our trainers for input on ways to retrain movement patterns. For instance, James is certified in five programs with a focus on corrective exercise, both the theory and the execution. He’s also a fifth degree black belt and has assisted collegiate strength and training coaches.

At Physiofitness we use our entire team to help you feel your best fast– thanks to a dedicated mix of education, experience and collaboration. While we love spending time with our patients, our goal is to have you finish therapy and feel better as soon as possible.