We’re all crunched for time and even more so during the swirl of shopping, parties and work. Weight creeps up from skipping meals and snacking. Here’s how our Physiofitness team eats to avoid the holiday bulge.

1. Always Ready

As a type-1 diabetic, Physiofitness owner and therapist Chris Delehanty needs to keep food handy at all times. With an eating style more grazer than a three-square-meal eater, he keeps nuts, cut fruit, almond butter and a protein bar ready at his desk – consuming as needed.

2. On the Fly

Have a go-to delivery item. When therapist Will Drew is pressed for time, he relies on an Italian sub from the local deli. It eliminates the guesswork and also the temptation factor – when the holiday treats are calling. It’s important to pick what you like, not what you think you should. Otherwise you still may be tempted by Aunt Linda’s crack brownies.

3. Anytime Meal

Personal trainer and yoga instructor Haley Jo Harrison scrambles a few eggs with vegetables for her go-to. In less than five minutes she has a nutrition-packed meal. You can whip these up in seconds in a microwave oven (even at the office). Fresh Direct and other services now deliver to offices so you don’t have to carry the ingredients. They’ll come to you.

4. Grab and Go

Business manager Dina Badami picks up egg salad from Fairway when she does the household shopping. With just a touch of mayonnaise and some dill, the salad is packed with protein and few calories. Her lunch prep in the morning is about three seconds (open fridge door, grab, close fridge door, put in work bag).