Every year at this time, we see a parade of aching feet. The reason can vary from balance to stability issues aggravated by the season’s constant hustle and bustle. Use these Physiofitness true and tried methods (including moves) to end the year on a happy footnote.

1. Try Toe Yoga

Elevate the big toe and let the other toes fall. Then, reverse. This increases toe flexibility and strength. Next, pretend to play the piano with your toes (keyboard optional). This increases toe flexibility.

2. Look For Comfort, Not Just Shoe Labels

After studying more than 9,000 pairs of feet, the U.S. Army found comfort is what best predicted a good fit. Don’t get hung up on terms like stability versus cushioning or even fancy designer labels. Just make sure you get the comfort you want when you’re moving. Test them out – walk, run, hop and everything in between!

3. Flex the Ankle

By walking more than normal, you may have tight muscles in your shins or calves. Check out our ankle flexion exercise on the Physiofitness YouTube Channel. It helps with ankle mobility and stretches the Achilles tendon.

4. Vary Shoes

Wear different type of shoes and heel heights to make sure the same muscles and tendons aren’t always contracting. Donning the same shoes day in and out is like doing the same workout every day.

5. Fine-Tune the Fit

It’s all about how you move. If you have a pair that almost fits right, but is just a tad off when you walk, bring it in. We can tweak it and make it a perfect fit. Physiofitness will analyze your gait and custom fit orthotics to make sure your shoe matches how you move.

6. Master the Toe Grab

Pick up a sock off the floor with your toes and grip for 10 seconds. Repeat five times with each foot. This strengthens the foot and improves balance.

7. Get Expert Help

When dealing with bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, hammertoes and Morton’s Neuroma, you’re going to need more than these tips. Physiofitness can uncover the underlying causes for those conditions and stop the pain. Come in for an assessment.