We see it every year. With the end of the New York Marathon everyone seems to ache – and not just the runners. It’s that time of year. Super-active summers go straight into crazy busy falls. The weather turns and with more indoor time, less activity, and some stillness, the aches and pains begin. Discover how a Physiofitness Winter Reboot will change your season.

Think of your body like your iPhone with all of its apps open – eventually, the battery drains down to nothing. Same with you – that frenzied non-stop lifestyle drains you and leaves you vulnerable.

That’s when it’s time for the Physiofitness Winter Reboot. This will be your best winter ever with a little bit of preventative care. It’s like soup and vitamin C for your muscular and skeletal self. You’re just three steps away -— Release, Re-Educate, Retrain — will make winter your wonderland.


This is the “ahhhh” moment. Our hands-on approach uses the full Physiofitness arsenal from Active Release Techniques® and Graston Technique® to Voodoo Flossing (no, it’s not a punk band). By releasing the areas of tightness – restoring blood flow and oxygen – you’ll gain full mobility. Think of this step as a wrinkled shirt. Before you wear it, you iron out the creases. Same with your body, we’ll be able to release those kinks.


Once we get your body moving to its full range, we need to get you to remember it. Sometimes that can be a physical telltale like temporary taping – yes, it helps with the muscle but also the mind to give awareness of the body part. Physiofitness also looks at your world. We make sure your lifestyle aids, not hinders, your progress. With simple tweaks – such as whether you should sit or stand on the subway and a workplace ergonomic check – we’ll ensure that your daily life is reinforcing healthy movement patterns.


Using The Functional Movement Screen™, Physiofitness therapists and trainers uncover what movement patterns need correcting. The method is based on detecting where your body’s symmetry may be off – for instance, if you have more hip flexibility on your right side than your left. Then it’s a matter of training the muscle (and your mind) to make the right muscular decision. This avoids overuse and fatigue of compensating parts.

And that’s it. Not only are you on your way to your best winter ever, but by doing this Physiofitness seasonal check, you also avoid the more serious and season-ending injuries that may be lurking. You don’t wait until after your iPhone has gone to 0% before you find a solution. Make an appointment for your Physiofitness Winter Reboot today. Email us at info@physiofitness.com.

Image credit to Kalev Fitness Solution