It’s hard to find the time to work out, no matter who you are. We spend eight hours a day next to kettlebells, but it’s still a challenge. We asked our team—from back office to front desk—how they sneak in workouts. Think of these as tricks of the trade:

1. Book It

Personal trainer and graduate student Dariusz Stankiewicz makes an appointment with himself for one hour six days a week.

2. Seek It

Physical therapist Shawn Monahan has nightmares about the lousy form he sees in most gyms (don’t even get him started on group fitness classes). Instead of working out at the more popular sites (two of which are just feet from the Physiofitness office), Shawn heads to an obscure martial arts gym that has the space and the skills. To make sure he doesn’t skip a workout, he bookends it with either the start or end of his workday.

3. Play It

Physical therapist Brian Goonan knows what gets him exercising—group sports. In warm weather he plays in four softball leagues, and during the chilly months he picks up roller hockey and basketball. He gets his motivation by (friendly) competition.

4. Rank It

Donna Cicchesi, assistant billing manager and performer, manages her entire work schedule around dance classes and rehearsals. That means she works three 10-hour days and two 5-hour days. For Donna, working out and dancing is her top priority. She makes it work.