As we approach the NYC Marathon, hopefully the majority of you have made it through the hardest stages and those long early morning runs are now tapering off. But let’s face it, there are likely quite a few of you that are currently worried about making it through the 26.2 miles and crossing the finish line.

What gives? You’ve got the fancy shoes. You’ve followed the training regiment to a tee. You’ve even spent hours crafting the perfect running playlist.

Well, let’s think of the fancy shoes as tires, and your heart and lungs as an engine – a smooth running V8 after all the hard runs. But have you checked your alignment? It’s important to consider the alignment of your body much like you would with your car. Faulty positioning in the body means poor efficiency. And poor efficiency means slower race times. And with just a few weeks before the race, right now is the best time to bring in the hot rod for a tune up, to realign the chassis, if you will.

At Physiofitness, our qualified therapists will assess your movement and alignment to help optimize performance and prevent injury. We will find any stability or movement faults immediately. We then use hands-on manual therapy, including Active Release Technique®, to free up any tissues that might be zapping your performance or causing pain. We finish off by giving you a corrective exercise strategy to maintain this new alignment, which will perfect your performance preparation for the big day and prevent injuries long term. That’s right – an all-inclusive tune up, which will convert your training into a much more efficient and powerful run, faster times and a stronger future.

Author Bio: Brian joined the Physiofitness team in 2011, bringing with him over 14 years of experience in helping people overcome even the toughest musculoskeletal conditions.  His history with post-surgical clients has informed his philosophy that while surgeries have a time and a place, they should always be treated as a last resort.  Brian has solved many “impossible” puzzles using non-invasive and holistic interventions.  Sports injuries like ACL and Achilles tendon tears, rotator cuff tendonitis, and shin splints are his specialty, and he believes they can be completely overcome by restoring proper movement patterns. […] read more