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Any practice can assign internet-gathered exercises and put clients through cookie-cutter therapy. Not at Physiofitness.  We gain trust by delivering results.  Our highly skilled team gets to the root of a problem, using a whole body approach to heal your current aches and pains and to improve your everyday performance.  Over the years we’ve watched New Yorkers morph from skeptical first timers to confident, pain-free Physiofitness enthusiasts.  With over 25 years of happy, healed clients, we can confidently state that there is no group like ours. Comforted, cared for, conditioned, and cured – that’s what you get from the team at Physiofitness.

Kenneth ElliottKenneth Elliott
14:09 22 May 24
I've been to physical therapy quite a few times over the years, but I've never experienced this level of thoroughness or attention to my problem anywhere else. I highly recommend Physiofitness. BTW, my husband was recently treated at Physiofitness also, and he totally agrees with me. Thanks for everything, James.
Deirde SonsiniDeirde Sonsini
15:07 29 Mar 24
My experience at Physiofitness has been thoroughly positive under the care of my therapist, Josh Lee. He is a very good diagnostician and zeroed in on the true source of my lingering pain and injury that remained to be healed. Josh proceeds cautiously but confidently and he correctly intuited that I wanted to go slow and steady strengthening my weakened muscles and improving my functional mobility. I felt better after the first visit and recommend him and Physiofitness wholeheartedly.
Miss BotoxMiss Botox
14:36 24 Mar 24
Physiofitness is hands down the most results driven PT clinic in NYC. Anytime I have had a sports injury ( hiking , swimming , surfing , tennis ) their staff was caring and intelligently solved my various problems.It’s my go to place to mend muscles and tendons and also to get in shape. Chris isAMAZING.
daniel delhommedaniel delhomme
16:43 28 Feb 24
Paulette KranjacPaulette Kranjac
15:47 25 Feb 24
Stan is a professionals professional. Two things- every one can benefit especially as we age-- to check out every aspect of our bodies for maintenance- we do it for our Mercedes- why not our bodies!Secondly, if you're injured, Stan will get you better I am fairly certain of this. He's one in a zillion. I haven't wanted to endorse him because I want to be able to get in to see him. And he's brilliant, kind and fun. The time with him flies and you leave ten years younger!
Constance McCordConstance McCord
14:07 21 Feb 24
Stan Kupchenko at PhysioFitness is the best PT I've ever been to (and I've been to a good number). He's kind, good-humored, and great at his job. Masseuse Donna Straub who also works there is also one of the best. Nice place, clean, not too loud, everyone friendly. I highly recommend.
Bonnie SegalBonnie Segal
20:34 04 Jan 24
I recently returned to Physiofitness after a stint at NYU, and am very pleased with the amount of time the therapist worked with me.
William FoggWilliam Fogg
12:47 22 Dec 23
They are awesome. I switched to them after seeing another PT and they did more for me in one session that the last one did in 4 weeks
Mitchell MossMitchell Moss
13:55 08 May 23
I started physical therapy with Josh a few months ago and he is terrific. Josh has great capacity to identify the exercises I need to do to strengthen my core and lower body muscles. He also provides guidance for exercises to do --at home - on my own. A great guy who makes therapy productive and enjoyable.
Candy MossCandy Moss
21:51 20 Apr 23
PhysioFitness is a gem. Highly skilled therapists and trainers. Josh cured my crippling back pain quickly and taught me exercises I can do myself. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Never a wait. Really clean, professional environment.
Carole BergmanCarole Bergman
16:25 11 Feb 23
My children & I have been coming to Physiofitness gym on and off for the past 30 years. Christopher has cured our shoulders our legs and our backs of various aches and pains. He’s the BEST, and the trainers who work with him are all terrific.
Dorothy ZeidmanDorothy Zeidman
13:23 15 Dec 22
Chris is caring, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to each client’s successful recovery.His deep understanding the body makes him my go to choice for PT. He has improved and resolved every issue I’ve brought to him over many years.I highly recommend Chris and a Physiofitness every chance I get.
Donna WalshDonna Walsh
21:33 21 Nov 22
I am a patient at Physiofitness. I have been treated by Stan Kupchenko, a physical therapist that is expertly skilled to treat the complex conditions I have which include 1.) a serious spinal birth defect that resulted in a spinal fusion and 2.) three recent surgeries whereby I had a tumor removed which left a deep wound in my mid to lower back and a difficult recovery chapter.Stan clearly explained the impact of the four surgeries I have had and the therapy, treatments and exercises that he is able to provide to empower the muscles, tissue and nerves to recover and heal. During the PT sessions, Stan has given me a substantive understanding of how each of the therapeutic interventions work to empower me to heal from the surgeries and to regain my strength. I am also taught a number of exercises which I am able to do on a daily basis at home. I greatly value the time Stan takes to explain the complex interplay between nerves, muscles, etc., his deep knowledge base and kindness. The physical therapy I have experienced has had a profound impact on my healing process which gives me great hope for my future.Donna Walsh
Meredith GoulburnMeredith Goulburn
14:15 17 Nov 22
After several unsuccessful treatments at a big chain PT operation, I found Chris at PhysioFitness and will NEVER waste my time elsewhere. I felt better after one treatment; relief from a constant back pain I thought was my new normal. Chris and the other therapists are highly trained, incredibly intuitive and, frankly, fun. I went from unfruitful, self-guided exercise sessions at the other place to spending an hour on Chris’ table having him physically treat my ailments. Subsequent treatments have left me more mobile and comfortable. And I know that Chris continues to put in work to learn other ways to treat me so that one bittersweet day, I won’t need to return. In short, I couldn't recommend PhysioFitness highly or widely enough.
A Google User
A Google User
23:56 21 Sep 22
The Physiofitness team is absolutely fantastic. I was quite worried about PT after surgery but this team has been incredible. They are friendly, pay close attention to detail, supportive, and flexible. I cannot recommend them enough! Jasmin, Natalie, and Jules are true healers working magic every day!
Ari LuksAri Luks
23:56 21 Sep 22
The Physiofitness team is absolutely fantastic. I was quite worried about PT after surgery but this team has been incredible. They are friendly, pay close attention to detail, supportive, and flexible. I cannot recommend them enough! Jasmin, Natalie, and Jules are true healers working magic every day!
Christine BrunoChristine Bruno
17:53 31 Jul 22
I've been working with Stan for 2.5 months and he is a true healer! I was born with a mobility disability and Stan has help me more in two months than any other PT I've ever had -- and I've had MANY! Physiofitness Physical Therapy isn't your average PT office. The team at PPT listens and cares about improving YOUR quality of life. I can't recommend Stan and the entire PPT team highly enough!
Joelle BallonzoliJoelle Ballonzoli
22:48 24 Jul 22
The physiotherapists and their assistants are extremely professional, friendly and supportive.
Kerry ZochowskiKerry Zochowski
00:37 14 Jul 22
Chris and the team at Physiofitness are incredible. I’ve been to multiple PT groups, and Physiofitness ranks above and beyond all of them. Chris gives his one on one attention and hands on treatment for the full visit. He also has his trainers assist him in getting you in to the most effective stretches. In addition, after the appointment, he has his trainers work with you to take home several homework exercises and stretches. They are so knowledgeable and professional. And the friendly atmosphere gives you a lift for the day! Can’t recommend them enough!
Richard SnowRichard Snow
17:53 15 Jun 22
I was full of dread about the rehabilitation process following rotator-cuff surgery, but one visit to this terrific operation dispelled that entirely. The Physiofitness premises are both calming and welcoming, and everyone there is friendly and helpful. Although I'm working with only one trainer, Chris--he's great--it's clear that the entire staff is energetic, dedicated, and impressively professional. Do give it a try--you won't be sorry!
jr jrjr jr
00:44 19 May 22
Awesome place, everyone there is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Cannot say enough good things about the team and the personal service they give. Highly recommend!!
Alessandro MasciaAlessandro Mascia
13:57 06 Apr 22
The staff is very professional and genuinely caring. Great location, nice view and the facility is well kept and well run.
Nina StrochlicNina Strochlic
16:48 09 Feb 22
Chris is a miracle worker. I went to him with an old injury that has been acting up and he was extremely thoughtful, and patient while treating it. I've never before seen a medical professional so committed to getting to the root of the problem. I can't recommend this place more highly!
Sean HarknessSean Harkness
00:48 20 Jan 22
Stan plays the spine like a concert pianist. Every nuance of every aspect of body structure is so thoroughly understood that nurturing your body back to health is like listening to your favorite music. Previously no approach worked for me. It's so refreshing to know that real help exists.
arkadi radomskiyarkadi radomskiy
15:24 08 Jan 22
For years I tried many other "best on paper" specialists with no results. In just one month working with Dr. Jasmin Tun I see dramatic improvement in my injured hips, shoulders and lower back. Freedom of movement is coming back. I highly recommend Psysiofitness.A R December 2021
Edward HuntEdward Hunt
02:04 09 Nov 21
Chris and the team gave me one on one treatment for my total knee replacement rehab.They take the time to go over the treatments and exercises that help with a speedy rehab My only regret is I did not come to them first after my surgery. My knee is feeling a lot better since I started going to Physiofitness .Great atmosphere,dedicated staff and Riptide the dog !!!
Aura RosenbergAura Rosenberg
13:07 07 Sep 21
Jasmine is really helping me. Good exercises. Good treatments.
Julia ZipperJulia Zipper
22:29 26 Jul 20
Cannot recommend Physiofitness enough - the team is top-notch in terms of expertise, approach and attitude. Chris and Stan are amazing; their knowledge and willingness and ability to assess and address issues really is exceptional - they seem to be encyclopedias of knowledge of the body and physical therapy techniques. They are just experts at what they do, and their total client-focus during each session really sets them above other places. I am going to Physiofitness for physical therapy post-shoulder surgery. I have had physical therapy elsewhere before and this is such a world of difference. The therapists are in constant contact with my surgeon to share progress and assess my treatment plan. They have cutting edge tools like cold laser therapy that have accelerated my healing. The environment (a loft in Soho) is extremely comfortable and makes it pleasant to be there; I actually enjoy going to physical therapy. The staff and therapists are truly thoughtful and funny people too, and it's just a great team. I am so grateful my surgeon referred me to Chris and Stan at Physiofitness - could not recommend them more.