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  • Start your summer right with KINSTRETCH, a movement practice that develops strength, flexibility and increased ranges of motion. Born out of scientific research, KINSTETCH gives you the tools to prevent injury, increase joint health and promote physical longevity. Here are five reasons to make KINSTRETCH part of your regular exercise routine. 1. Makes you stronger (without […]

  • Meet Kadeem Howell, DPT

    | In News, Press | on April 11, 2017

    Kadeem joined the Physiofitness team this past September after receiving his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Long Island University.  Last year he interned at the Buffalo Bills training camp. An accomplished college athlete, Kadeem is a former triple jump and long jump champion. He attended State University of New York Albany on a track & […]

  • In the fitness world today, there’s a major disconnect happening. We see activity as a mental game – mind over matter.  People claim a run is 90% intention and 10% action. Our minds may be ready to run a half marathon but that doesn’t mean our bodies are. Even if we can do it, it […]

  • Many clients want to continue training at Physiofitness long after their need for physical therapy ends. To answer that demand, we’ve started a personal training program. Now, you can work out with the same trainers who helped heal you. They know your strengths and weaknesses and even better, how far you’ve come.  Packages of 12 […]

  • MOBILITY = FLEXIBILITY + STRENGTH We’re always on the lookout for ways our clients can move better. When we discovered a new way of increasing flexibility and strength, we immediately brought it to Physiofitness. We’re thrilled to announce the addition of KINSTRETCH classes, developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, at Physiofitness. Based on Functional Range Conditioning© […]

  • Our Workout Snacks

    | In Fitness, Health, Nutrition | on October 17, 2016

    Wondering what the perfect pre- or post-workout chow is? Every body and every workout is different. We’ve polled our team to give you an idea of what works. It’s everything from Pop Tarts to a scientific-backed powered pre-workout drink. Next time you’re looking for a bite, consider these options. James Chung, Head Trainer Workout: Olympic […]

  • Many clients want to continue training at Physiofitness long after their need for physical therapy ends. To answer that demand, we’ve started a personal training program. Now, you can workout with the same trainers who helped heal you. They know your strengths and weaknesses and even better, how far you’ve come. Here’s how personal training […]

  • Surfing Prep 101

    | In Health, Movement, Outdoor, Training | on May 5, 2016

    Chris Delehanty’s a surfer. The signs are everywhere: surfing pictures on the walls, talk of wave height, his computer set to Rockaway’s surf cam. No matter the weather, he’s always thinking about the next wave. Before heading to Costa Rica for his first warm water ride of 2016, here’s how he and Dina, his wife […]

  • Education and learning doesn’t stop with a physical therapy degree. Our physical therapists and trainers work together to learn new ways to help you recover faster. Think of us as a giant collaborative think tank on movement. We incorporate the latest techniques and proven game-changers. A small sampling of our arsenal includes: Selective Functional Movement Assessment™, which helps us […]

  • We’re often busy with back-to-back appointments throughout the day. There’s no time for a leisurely lunch, but our jobs are so physical we have to be sure to eat well. After 25 years in SoHo, we’ve sussed out the best spots for inexpensive, healthy and tasty picks. Try our favorites for a well balanced midday […]

  • If you’re like most New Yorkers, you’ve probably skipped town for the weekend and are enjoying a mini-vacation out in the fresh air. Whether you’re swimming, hiking, sailing, or just kicking back with a beer at a barbecue, you don’t want to spoil your fun by ignoring your body. Here are 5 of Physio’s tips […]

  • The Problem New York City musician Alex Levy had been running regularly for 20 years when he began experiencing persistent pain in his right knee. He tried strengthening exercises with a trainer, then chiropractic work with an osteopath. Neither offered relief. Finally he got an MRI. His medial meniscus, the cartilage that absorbs shock in […]

  • Temperatures are hitting 60 today and New Yorkers can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Make the most of the sun this spring by taking your workout to some of the city’s best outdoor workout spots. Here are our favorite places to get sweaty! 1. The High Line The freight railway turned elevated pedestrian park is a great place […]

  • PT Myths That Drive Us Crazy

    | In Uncategorized | on March 10, 2015

    We’ve listed the 5 whammies of misinformation.  We hear them all the time. These untruths cause more damage than most accidents and sports injuries. Myth #1: I need an MRI to be treated. You can see an abnormality in a static picture, but that doesn’t mean it’s the problem. It means you are human. For […]

  • We are what we do at Physiofitness.  Whether we’re training hard or just having fun, movement is always a part of our lives. Here are a few of our favorite go-to exercises with you. Check them out to spice up your workouts! 1. Dead Lifts With this classic move, you get a great return for […]

  • Eat Bacon, Be Happy

    | In Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Training | on March 9, 2015

    These days Chris Delehanty swears by Grant Petersen’s Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog: Get Strong. Get Lean. No Bullshit. A bicycle designer and writer, Petersen lays out his golden rules to get fit without going crazy. Petersen kicks conventional wisdom in the butt as he advocates for eating more fat, less protein, no carbs and spending way […]

  • Does your golf swing need an upgrade? While there’s no single right way to swing your club, there are plenty of wrong ways. A good stroke is all about efficiency. It uses as little energy as possible. Done incorrectly, it’s a tiring move and leads to injury. An efficient swing uses torque generated from the pelvis to wind […]

  • Health Booster: Winter Veggies

    | In Nutrition | on February 4, 2015

    Instead of popping vitamins or using immune-boosters, eat your veggies. Here’s our guide to the best tastes of winter. Not only are they delicious, they’ll boost your immunity and help ward off viruses. A health boost is just a bite away. 1. Artichoke A great source of vitamin C, fiber and assorted minerals, artichokes may aid digestion. […]

  • Holiday Health Hacks

    | In Fitness, Function, Health, Movement | on December 6, 2014

    Be healthy, wealthy, and wise during this non-stop holiday season. Our five quick health hacks will keep your body and spirit energized while saving you time and money. Get hacking… 1. Party With A Plan Three strategic steps to fun and no regret. First, drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink. It’ll help […]

  • Our Go-To Foods

    | In Nutrition | on December 6, 2014

    We’re all crunched for time and even more so during the swirl of shopping, parties and work. Weight creeps up from skipping meals and snacking. Here’s how our Physiofitness team eats to avoid the holiday bulge. 1. Always Ready As a type-1 diabetic, Physiofitness owner and therapist Chris Delehanty needs to keep food handy at all […]

  • 7 Foot Fixes

    | In Health, Movement, Pain | on December 6, 2014

    Every year at this time, we see a parade of aching feet. The reason can vary from balance to stability issues aggravated by the season’s constant hustle and bustle. Use these Physiofitness true and tried methods (including moves) to end the year on a happy footnote. 1. Try Toe Yoga Elevate the big toe and let the […]

  • So how do you know if you need prehab? For physical therapists like Chris Delehanty, owner of Physiofitness in New York City, that’s like asking how you know if you need to go to the dentist. “You get a checkup to prevent cavities, right? This is the same idea,” he says. “It’s not just for […]

  • Your Best Winter Ever

    | In Function, Injury, Movement, Pain, Training | on November 6, 2014

    We see it every year. With the end of the New York Marathon everyone seems to ache – and not just the runners. It’s that time of year. Super-active summers go straight into crazy busy falls. The weather turns and with more indoor time, less activity, and some stillness, the aches and pains begin. Discover how […]

  • Finding Time to Work Out

    | In Gym, Outdoor, Training | on November 6, 2014

    It’s hard to find the time to work out, no matter who you are. We spend eight hours a day next to kettlebells, but it’s still a challenge. We asked our team—from back office to front desk—how they sneak in workouts. Think of these as tricks of the trade: 1. Book It Personal trainer and […]

  • Move Like Ido Portal

    | In Movement, Training | on November 6, 2014

    We have a collective man crush on Ido Portal. The Israeli-born, capoeira-trained movement master is light years ahead in his thinking of exercise. Ido Portal sees movement as free-form and not restricted to repetitive exercises (and injuries) we see on a daily basis. He wonders what is everyone training for, anyway? Instead of trying to […]

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