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Meet Kadeem Howell, DPT

| In News, Press | on April 11, 2017

Kadeem joined the Physiofitness team this past September after receiving his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Long Island University.  Last year he interned at the Buffalo Bills training camp. An accomplished college athlete, Kadeem is a former triple jump and long jump champion. He attended State University of New York Albany on a track & field scholarship. We asked him why he joined Physiofitness, about his time with the Bills and if he ever jumps for fun these days.

Why did you become a physical therapist?

As a competitive athlete since middle school, I’m well versed in sports medicine. After my first season competing in college, I had surgery and spent a chunk of time with therapists to get back to my jumping career. I didn’t consider the physical therapy profession until later when I shadowed my therapist for a summer. That’s when I learned you could have fun and do meaningful work at the same time. Physical Therapy became a passion.

What kind of athletic career did you have?  

I was a triple jump All-American in high school and went on to represent SUNY Albany in track & field. I made it to the Division I NCAA National Championship. I was in the gym all the time. Practices were in the morning for 90 minutes starting at 6:30am and in the evening after classes for four hours. On the weekends we had meets. Track and Field was my life.

Why are you a good therapist?

While we studied sports medicine in school from books and labs, as an athlete I saw it in action. I lived with it on a daily basis. Therapy was a constant part of my life. I understand it on personal and professional levels.

Why did you choose Physiofitness?

I love investigating a client’s problem. I put on my detective clothes and get right in there. Working at Physiofitness, I can do that. Not every practice is like that. Often they just want you to end the pain but not solve the overarching issue. Here we get to the root of the problem and fix it. We end pain AND make sure the problem doesn’t return.

What’s the area of treatment that interests you the most?

I have an affinity for the foot and ankle. It’s where I had the most injuries during my nine year career. The area is fascinating and complex. There’s surprising number of bones in the foot. It’s the most intricate joint structure and quite inventive. I love getting funky feet to move the right way.

What was Buffalo Bills training camp like?

It’s the opposite of Physiofitness. Here, we get people to a better level of movement. There, it’s all about getting the athletes back on the field. It’s triage. Every tackle has the impact of a car accident on the body, so we can’t restore them to as good or better shape like we can at Physio. Instead, we try to minimize or delay the damage, and the athletes have a strong mind to block out the pain. It was fun working with the players. They are open and appreciative of any treatment that can improve their performance.

What’s something you wish all your clients would do?

Keep moving. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It helps with strength and bone density. When you think about it, people are stationary about 16 hours or more a day between desk jobs and sleeping.

Do you still jump?

After a lifetime of twice a day workouts and exhaustive competition, I called it quits. I still work out about five times a week – from pick-up basketball to running in Prospect Park and weight training. No more track & field or jumping, but I do follow the sport as a spectator. Occasionally I get the urge to get back on the runway.

What are your must-have foods?

Avocado (guacamole), almonds, grilled chicken and blueberry banana smoothies are my go-tos.

Do you have hobbies?

I enjoy working out and running, reading, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, playing video games and watching TV.

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